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Thread: Frontline dispatches, Afghanistan and Iraq

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    Frontline dispatches, Afghanistan and Iraq

    This guys dispatches from Iraq and Afghanistan with the American and British troops make fascinating reading. The editions from Basra and now Helmand bring home just how intense the fighting can be.

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    I really enjoyed that write up. The photos bring the reality home.
    Good to see some trust between the Afghans and the troops.

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    Pish sorry guys its these people that get soldiers killed poncing about with cameras .
    I don't care that this guy was a former marine they just get in the way .

    All good for the people that haven't served in any campaigns that think the pictures are fantastic ,wait till your standing there the **** is hitting the fan, and there bobbing about all over the place with a camera looking for the picture that makes them a fortune ,all to give your position away the rag heads don't care if its a camera or a gun you've got they just pull the trigger RPGs AKs the ish let me tell you your arse puckers up just a bit .

    The media just isn't needed in the zones, some of the stuff they report is just crap just lets the other side know the people back home are having fits about the campaigns ,and the people being killed, whats happening with kit equipment etc .

    This type of news should be sanitised totally. IMO.

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    I agree totally,

    the media exist to make money and win prizes, full stop.

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    What really annoys me about the Media Ops, is that all the stuff sent over here for our info is used by their people living here to send back to let them know what effect they are having on us at home and our troops on the front line.
    It boosts the enemy moral when they see our boys brought back through Lynham and shows them how young and under equipped our troops are and gives away our weaknesses allowing them to take advantage of it.
    During the last war 'aliens' or anybody that sympathised with the enemy was Interned, this Government hasn't got the balls or the space to Intern anybody these days.

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    Never really thought about it in the way you guys have put it, and to think i have a son in law and a niece in the forces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by widows son
    Pish sorry guys its these people that get soldiers killed poncing about with cameras .
    I don't care that this guy was a former marine they just get in the way.
    I guess there's good and bad everywhere and all shades in between. I think it is the motivation that counts - money or a genuine desire to tell a story? There's no doubt that a lot of photographers have given us some incredible imagery of conflict and some have paid with their lives. However there do seem to be more stories about photographers getting in the way..... apparently one female happy snapper got to the front during the Tet offensive in the Vietnam war. Just at last light she stood up on the fire step to grab a quick picture of the Vietcong position - as it was getting dark she decided to use the FLASH! ........ can you imagine what the Marines had to say about that? If you could hear what was said above the sound of the incoming rounds.

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    I think the naysayer's are far wide of the mark on this one; I've just read most the reports on that site that concerned British troops on Telic 10 and there was nothing in there that was remotely indiscreet.

    More generally, the Taliban and Iraqi's do not need the Daily Mail to tell them that Helicopters are a lifeline and if they can nail them we're a bit ****ed, or that our soldiers are young men, they can see these things with their own eyes as we do our walking fig 11 act around their high street. IME they're pretty sharp, adaptable and more than capable of figuring things like that out for themselves.

    The media could be less defeatist, but it's probably just a reflection of the general social zeitgeist and at least we're a country that is able to have a debate about these things, however ill informed some of the participants might be. Also, to be fair, there is a pretty wide spectrum of opinion across the available media. The prominence of the Help For Heroes Campaign, the practice of, and attendance at, homecoming parades, is largely down to media attention, don't forget.

    As to combat cameramen/journalists being a pain in the arse; I can only say that the RAF Camera team I worked with (They may not technically have been civilians..... ) were an impeccable source of entertainment and generally we were all far too busy to worry about them! Personally, I'd rather see more embedded journalists on ops, especially ones that are prepared to get further than the ops room and the odd O group. I'd rather our story was told than hidden away because of negligible concerns about secrecy.

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