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Thread: Roe Kids

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    Roe Kids

    What is the earliest you have evr seen roe kids and do you think that global warming will have kids born earlier or later in the year or both.
    If you have any pictures may i have them please.

    APRIL THE 19TH 2008

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    what is the big drive behind this if you don't mind me asking
    i hav no pics of kids that early but others might if the cause is that great

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    I would guess its is because the DCS propose that Roe does remain in season until 30th April.

    Photographic evidence would be useful from the welfare aspect of rejecting this particular aspect. Send a few pics of roe kids like this one taken in April to MSPs then this one proposal in the consultation could be easily kicked out.

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    That is correct i have got quite a few MSP,s on my side with regards the deer welfare section of the bill and some of them are SNP MSP,s but they would like to be convinced that what i am saying is the truth so they don't stand up on the 5th and make a fool of them selves. I was offered the services of Richard Prior .Who believes this Scottish bill goes more than a step to far and he will take call from the MSP,s on the matter .I am drafting up a EMAIL AT THE MINUTE which will contain as much evidence as i can including pictures. I also have the backing of Andrew Kerr head of the labour party who had asked for a parliamentary investigation into some of the areas of the bill mostly the BUCK SEASON REMOVAL, THE EXTENDED DOE SEASON. WHY IN THERE LITITURE THEY SAY THEY WANT TO STOP DIPENDENT CALF,S BEING LEFT BUT WILL MAKE A SEAON CHANGE THAT WILL CERTAINLY LEAVE ROE KIDS TO STARVE AND GET PREDATED ON. THE QUESTION THEY WILL ASK IS WHY? AND THEY WILL WANT AN ANSWER THAT IS DIRECT NOT THE TYPE WE HAVE RECIVED.

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    Roe Kids

    Hi LDG, North Berks. rather than Scotland.
    In 2004 on 7th May (my dad's birthday) where my brother was a keeper near Newbury. We were working on reparing one of the pens and there it was against the wire, in a little nest, fast asleep. No photograph unfortunately.

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    Thanks techman and if any one was not aware of the new seasons for shooting roedoes it will be one of two that will be 1st of August until 1st of may or it will be the 1st of September until the 1st of may.
    At both ends there is a worry that roe deer kids will still be very much dependant on there mothers.

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