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Thread: Thanks to Monkeyspanker

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    Thanks to Monkeyspanker

    Just a quick one to say thanks to MS for letting me tag along last night on his permission (Looks even better than from the road), and also glad that he managed to get the "murder" buck he'd been after for a while. Nice heart/lung shot 125-150 yards.

    Lovely clean looking beast despite the breakage of one antler near the pedicle.

    Nice to be shown the grollach in such a way as to be able to easily understand and see why its done that way and to have pointed out the various lymph glands etc.

    Now also have an idea of what tools I need to do the job properly too. I think my choice of mentor was a good one.


    PS My missus wasn't too unhappy either when I got in, so bonus!!! My turn next time on my permission.

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    It was a pleasure mate - thank you for the company!
    Here's a piccy of the 'Murder Buck', although I'm led to believe that a true one has two single spikes? This one has a single one with a very slight ridge of a second tine. It is 21cm (just over 8") in length. I certainly wouldn't fancy clashing heads with him!

    It's a whole lot of information to take in to begin with but you'll get there!
    The important thing is to get things right from the start, but most of all - enjoy!!

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