Selling my beloved truck. need the money so selling for a bargain of 1000 with no offers.

Loads of work done on it. this is just in the last year

BFG A/T as new,
fuel pump rebuilt
rubber bushed replaces with poly
inner CV boots replaced
all belts
anti roll bushes replaces.
part exhaust
brake pads
track rods and ball joints replaced

service ever 6 months as its so cheap and easy to do. 34 plus an hour of ones time.

Insurance is only 200 a year, fully comp with 5k limited mileage

MOT September

there will be no tax as it is on disabled so needs to go back to tax man.

It has the super select gear box and runs auto gear box.

102190 on clock. this is an import and i haven't worked out if its miles or kilometers but the speedo is in miles.

all the electric suspension works so you can adjust how hard or soft the ride is.

only bad part of it as its only just started to happen is the NSF brake is sticky. needs a strip and clean. and the float in the brake fluid bottle is sticking so light comes on the dash from time to time.

Im in Gloucester for those on iphones and android.

all the best.