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Thread: .260 Remington Availability Rifles and ammo

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    .260 Remington Availability Rifles and ammo

    Looking at calibers etc and pretty much always liking something a bit different

    though the .260 Remington (a 6.5 - 08 I think or there abouts)

    looks interesting ..yes i know 7mm 08 or 6.5 x 55
    So please dont go of on the you want this X cal instead

    if i do it will be a first FAC application and as most my Dorset FLO would probably want to hold me down to a .243" ( cause its obviously a lot safer )

    and yes its a good cal and available every where

    but think pushing up to the 260 should be reasonable

    So any good new of the shelf rifles ( I assume a limited second hand market )

    And reloading seems to be a good option with 6.5mm heads and up sizing .243" cases

    no ive not reloaded before but the engineer in me is looking fwds to the process

    but is Factory ammo reasonably available in many options ??



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    I run a 260 and love it ! it's everything the 243 should be ?

    there is factory available for it and it's 'OK' but to realise it's full potential then reloading is your way forward , either the 140 amax or 130 accubond will do most anything the calibre is capable of ?

    good choice !

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    Sako certainly do the 260, but it might be a 6 month lead time.

    Ammo is non existent. Home loader proposition really.

    You,d be better of with a 6.5x55, and I have a 260....

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    federal do the 120g BT and a 140 game king , remington do a 140 coreloct , none shot really well in my rifle but all were acceptable rounds for stalking? the 140 gameking was the best in my experience?

    steyr do rifles i think as well as sako ? you might want to consider a rebarrel on a shot out short action remmy ? especially looking at the cost of new rifles now!

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    I have had two 260s. the first was a pro-hunter mountain. This shot really well using 130 grain berger vld. The fore-end of the stocks are a bit flexible(it still shot well but seemed like you had to wait for things to settle down if shooting from a bi-pod) so consider an after market stock. I did but at that time there were few options and they were rather pricey.

    The second was a remington. The actions are very short and the magazine length did not allow the length of the ammo that shot well.

    Factory rounds were not easy to get and again pricey.

    I did find it a good, easy one to shoot and once fired cases cost me nothing at that time

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    Thanks for he replies so far

    Custom build new or rebuild older action is definitely an option.

    one reason I picked it is that it supposed to fit std short actions same as a .308" so hopefully making a custom or rebarrel selection easier but yes 6.5 heads do seem to be on the long side.

    other considerations

    I would like a stainless Action / barrel
    synthetic stock

    Short barrel 18" ????? maybe not sure if this cal likes short barrels but is a stalking /fox gun so Sub 300 yrds max and mostly 100 -150 ish i guess
    so an over barrel Moderator doesn't look silly and doesn't make it to long and unbalanced.

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    if your going short barrel then you wont gain anything seating well out to gain powder space so the remmy S/A will be fine.

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    Sako is the way to go for a 260 custom, the Sako medium/308 sized action is a fair bit longer than a Remington or Rem Clone. It allows you to set the bullet well out into the lands.

    Look out for a scrap or rough Sako in 22/250 or 243 and buy it with a view to rebarreling - it will work out about the same cost (or a bit less) as a brand new Sako 85.

    I personally think 18" is too short for a 260, 20 or 21 inches will give much better velocity. The 260 is at its best with 120-130gr bullets, of which there is a huge selection. If you feel the need for 140 - 160 grain bullets, you will be better served with a 270 or 7mm of some flavour.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Have you been bitten by the bug??
    Last time I was in the Sportsman nr. Dorchester they had a S/H .260 in. Give them a call and get your name on it. They'll hold it even if you don't have a license yet, as long as you cross their palm with silver
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    claret dabbler is right , 20-22" would be better and still handy . I use the 140 amax from my remmy with aics mags and get 2800fps from a stout load of N560 , seems to solve most rifle solveable problems?

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