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Thread: long nose roe buck trophy !

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    long nose roe buck trophy !

    can any one shed a little light on this one for me ?
    I shot and old roe buck sat evening and i roughly estimate it to go bronze medal . Ive cut it long nose minus the upper teeth which is the way i like it but can anyone tell me how much weight to deduct to get co accurate weight .
    I know to minus 90 g for a full skull and the weight ive got after 24 hrs drying is 430 g cut .
    Sorry no pics lap top s gone bang so im doing most of my posts of my mobile .
    Cheers lee

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    I think it will lose another 10% when completely dry.


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    Possibly 65g if cut through the eye sockets.
    Personally I would have had it officially measured before cutting.
    It has to dry out for 90 days so you might scrape in for Bronze.
    By the unofficial Swedish Qwik-fix formula it appears to be just out.


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    it might still make a decent bronze i had a head measured which weighed 502grams (short nose cut) so by rights it sould have maybe just made a gold but when it was measured it scored 139.75 points so it with a bit to spare and its a light coloured un-even head so give it a go mate

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    i think i will . The colour is not that great and the back points are small but the weight is definatly there . Once ive got my lap top back ill post some pics for every ones opinion . !
    Cheers lee

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    That head will go below 400 and like stag says you have now left it to the cic assessor to judge how many grams it will loose from my book it will be again like stag says between 60 and 65 grams off. But if you are thinking of getting it done it must be a good one.

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