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Thread: .275 Rigby / 7X57 mauser

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    .275 Rigby / 7X57 mauser

    Here is a very quick question.
    If you have .275 Rigby on your FAC can you purchase 7mm mauser/7x57 ammunition. (I know that they are one of the same).
    I am about to get a .275 Rigby and this is what is says on the barrel. I am thinking that purchasing ammunition should not be a problem, but would like to make sure.


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    That will depend a lot on the individual dealer I am sorry to say. Ask in your local shop and see what they say. Also there is no reason why you cannot have 7mm ammunition on your licence.

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    You shouldn't have a problem as they are one and the same thing. Might be worth asking your FLO to mark it onto your certificate as .275rigby/ 7x57 for both rifle and ammo.

    And when you find good ammo your rifle likes buy as much as you can of the same batch, that way you are not reliant upon dealers having it. More of an issue is that many dealers just stock 243/270/308 and anything else is pretty much special order.

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    Hi Alin your best way is to have it on your certificate, .275/7x57 that way you can purchase either a .275 or a 7x57 rifle.You can also purchase either ammunition .
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    Thanks for the replies. Looks like the most sensible thing to do is to put the rifle on as .275/7x57.

    Thank you for your help

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