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Thread: SACS what do they actually do ?

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    SACS what do they actually do ?

    As in the title, two big stories in two days, not a word as far as I can see from the premier shooting organisation that is SACS

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    Ahh but they are cheap

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    and it seems like you get what you pay for

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    I'm happy to pay SACS my insurance money so that if I need there help that's what I get, If you want to pay double for your insurance so that someone will come out and make a statement now again fair enough.

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    I am pleased you are happy with your choice, as am I.

    Quite correct, we could choose to sit back and not combat negative press, nor try combat the failings of the licencing system etc. and just rely on a cheap insurance deal

    We could sit back knowing that our insurance may pay out in the (unlikely) event we have an accident but we will see our shooting eroded away because our cheap insurance company did not bother to stand up and do something about it.

    I will happily pay the extra few quid to have a large organisation stand up in the media et al to help keep my sport safer, but if all I want is cheap insurance I know where to go my home insurance!!!


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    what press? what big stories?

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    You can be as smug as you like David, I will never change to BASC ever.

    The reason being, when I tried to talk to your representatives at a game fair they would not give me the time of day, instead only willing to prostitute themselves to tweed wearers with a mouth full of marbles (no doubt in the hope of getting some free shooting if they did enough brown nosing).

    For this reason you have missed out on a lifetime of fees from myself which, as the incident happened when I was around 19 or so would have amounted to quite a substantial sum.

    I get insurance for that reason it's insurance and, despite false information you have personally (or someone typing under your name) put on this website regarding others and whether or not they will pay out in the event of an accident I am happy with my choice, id rather my insurance money was spent on getting me a good insurance deal rather than a flashy website and big banners for game fairs.

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    I've moved to SACS and then spend the savings on BDS membership. much happier now :-)

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    I wuld not use BASC because they cant decide who they are really for the government or them selves note i do not say there member,s

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