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Thread: Leica Customer Service - one word - Awesome!

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    Leica Customer Service - one word - Awesome!

    I discovered a split in the folding eye cups of my 1970's Trinovids.
    found a couple of places on the web that sold them for 30
    but thought better of that and rang Leica UK to ask

    "yes sir, what is your name and address?"
    told him
    "Will get those in the post to you this afternoon. Is there anything else you need? perhaps a new rain cover?"

    "err..yes, that would be great" I say
    "How much will all that be?"

    "nothing sir, all part of the service"

    blinding service

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    That's comforting to hear. I just hope I never need to call them...

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    That`s the truth.

    I visited their shop in the West End to pick up some dust covers for my binoculars. The shop is mainly geared for photographers and tweeters but i felt the need to ask if they had any rifle scopes in stock? This was April 2011. The answer was yes and the guys admitted that their knowledge of shooting was none existant; very honest! In short I bought one of the scopes!

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    After sales is superb would deal with them anytime

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    Could you pm me the number please
    atb Steve

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    I would have to agree:

    A. Digilux 3 (now discontinued) camera screen failed due to prolonged sub-zero exposure - replaced camera out of warrenty FOC.
    B. FOC refurbishment of Digilux 3 zoom lens.
    C. FOC repair of Duvid focus mec' that was proberbly my fault.
    D. Three new sets of Duvid objective covers. FOC of course!

    That's it to date


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    That is an excellent service, as has been said it's comforting to hear that the after sales service is as good as that.

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    just received a free pair of replacement objective covers for my 10x42 Geovids.
    lovely binos and now with replacement covers (thank gawd) fitted to protect the precious glass/coatings

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    My experience was unfortunately not so good.... I e-mailed them re a colimation issue with a pair of 8x20BC's and never heard back from them so got a guy from here, GaryMH to sort them for a very reasonable fee (Great job - thanks Gary!). A month later I got an e-mail from Leica to apologise that they had onle just 'found' my e-mail....

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