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Thread: hcap exam ?

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    hcap exam ?

    I'm going to do the hcap exam in 2 weeks,
    how hard is it ? i recently passed the SACS deer course, is there much of a difference ?
    anyone got the Hcap stalking manual they want to sell ?

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    It's similar to level 1 not to difficult if you read the manual, I've got an older edition you can borrow if you return it when you've finished. Pm me your address if you want it.

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    Where are you Shane ?
    it might be easier to call and collect if you didn't mind

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    HCAP is not to bad, just watch out because Liam Nolan who wrote the exam had got one or two of the question answer wrong, just read the question carefully remember it all based around forestry commission land, not private shooting as long as you keep that in mind you will be fine..

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