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Thread: New Forest Fallow Cull With lwcdart

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    New Forest Fallow Cull With lwcdart

    Many thanks to Lee and his team for giving three members off this forum such an amazing experience.

    I was out for the morning with Nick an AW who had arranged a 4am start much to my delight as had been looking forward to a lie in for ages so set my alarm for 3.

    The high seat we were aiming for was one that i had visited previously and takes spacious to a ridiculous level roughly being the same size as a small kitchen.
    As always its great to sit there listening and observing the forest awake.
    First out was a couple of fallow does accompanied with fawns followed by two roe that at a distance had us quite excited as one mounted the other briefly before both ran towards and under the high seat and were both does.
    Deciding on a stalk aiming towards another high seat we saw some more roe enroute and a muntjac that was obviously late for something.
    With no bucks revealing themselves we all rendevoued from diferent high seats at the larder with one fellas smile needing no explanation as he had taken a good representative six pointer and also another roe buck.

    All off for brekkie we spent the whole time laughing at each others tales..

    Out for the evening this time in the company of Lee and to diferent high seats it wasnt long before a huge roe doe came out of the woods leaving us hopefull that a buck wasnt to far away.
    In the high seat for less than an hour two yearling fallow bucks emerged in an adjacent field with one dropping on the spot with a shot to the engine room and quickly reloading for the other i fired the rifle which disapointingly went click having not chambered the round. Quickly reloading i neck shot the other which dropped just feet away..

    Gralloching them both and dropping them at the larder we could hear the other guys being equally succesful as the shots rang out.
    Still being very early we then made our way to another seat and observed several roe and fallow does with some very noisy boys in close attendance but hidden in the woods

    As always it was an immense pleasure to visit Lee's estate and between the three of us had taken six deer..

    Many thanks Lee and best wishes to Nick and Ryan who also accompanied us and also to the two site members i had the pleasure to spend many hours laughing with..



    The boys were 30 and 33kg

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    This is what the SD site is all about. Fellow stalkers helping others out and enjoying each others company, and getting good results as well

    Well done, hope you guys have many more times togther.


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    Look like a good day out! Well done to recover quickly on the second buck.

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    What a great day! Well done with the fallow and full marks to Lee as well - it looks like a very successful day all round.

    There are few more dispiriting sounds than the click that comes from pulling the trigger on an empty chamber


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    Well done mate!

    Looks like you had a great time, and a left and right eh?

    We'll have to nominate you squad leader in our little band until someone else achieves the same feat



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    Well done Terri look forwarded to meeting you in Oct

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    Is that two of your dsc2 stalks done now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stand Buck
    Is that two of your dsc2 stalks done now?
    Can't possibly be as not all the PC's are fulfilled when shooting from a High seat!

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    2nd half


    Just a quick note to follow on. I have been down here for the second half of the expedition and managed a nice pricket (33kg too) and your man has added a pricket and another young buck to his tally. Just found out weather forecast for tonight is now **** so we'll have to see how we all finish up.

    Lee and his crew are spot on and there are deer all over the place.

    (was going to post my picture but I'm uglier than you and theres only one deer in it )

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