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    Cool Hello!

    Hi, I'm Dan, I'm a Construction Engineer from Surrey. I'm just back home in the UK from last summer. I've been fortunate enough to stalk White Tails in Kentucky annually for the last six or seven years. Where i even had some luck!

    Frankly, I never would have thought about doing it here, since it's so contentious on so many levels. Having heard the news yesterday, I looked into it and now hope to earn a DMQ DSC 1 with BDS and perhaps a FAC by the time public opinion swings in favor of actually doing something about an imminent problem.

    I'm now looking to join a rifle club first, since any UK small arms training i have was 25yrs ago, so i could use some current tuition and i fear my experience in the US may, by some, be interpreted as a little relaxed for this very health and safety aware culture.

    I figure anything further may just sound a little naive so I'll just that I'm very pleased to find this forum and would appreciate any advice.

    Regards to all.


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    Welcome Dan, you are on the right path friend,& I'm sure if you gave a little write up on your Stateside outings they would be enjoyed by the members here. Steve.
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    Welcome to the site,

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