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Thread: roe buck outings 1st aprill

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    roe buck outings 1st aprill

    just had am/pm cancellations due to work commitments on the 1st aprill you can have both outings or one

    price is 50 for outing and 60 for the shot throphy/skull prep is available at 30

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    PM sent regarding AM stalk

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    pm stalk still available

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    PM sent this morning

    Win Mod 70

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    places filled thanks

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    Just thought I'd post a thank you pbro shot for taking me out on the PM stalk on the 1st. This post has been delayed by a crap couple of weeks but things are getting a bit better now.
    I arrived on time (which was a good start) and although it was dry the wind was still coming from the east like a demon. Having statisfied everyone that i stood a good chance of hitting what I aimed at we set off to an area where a pair of Roe Bucks had been being seen regularly. The ground was still a bit wet in places, but at least it didn't rain and the sun did come out as the evening progressed. We may not have covered alot of ground but what we did I like to think that we did well and pbro shot worked hard to find me my first roe. Alas it was not to be. Just like the fallow on my ground they just didn't want to come out to play in that easterly wind.
    The amount of sign was incredible and i did get in close on a muntjac doe on last light but happly left it holding out for Roe.
    Well its not all bad as i had a great afternoon, somewhere different, it didn't rain and I've been invited to go back for another attempt when / if the weather gets warmer.

    I would happily recommend pbro shot and fenlandfieldsports.

    Win Mod 70

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