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Thread: best Binos ??????

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    best Binos ??????


    Can anyone give some advice on the best Binos for woodland stalking, and what size.


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    Go for water-proof, multi-coated.
    6x42 or 7x50 is a good compromise between light transmission, magnification and field of view.
    Remember, more magnification will also magnify your shaking.
    Lots of choices around 200-300
    Don't fall for the marketing-man who will make you believe only a 1,500 pair will do - unless you actually like to pay for their marketing budget and have the money to be extravagant.

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    I would agree that you can get a lot of bang for your buck by avoiding being sucked into the marketing hype. In the end only you can judge what glass will suit you so try and get a look through binos you are interested in at last light. Be careful as I think some companies tweek the performance of their glass to make the image more "punchy" which can make it seem to stand out but doesn't actually give any increase in resolution or performance at last light. If you can put up a bit of newspaper print or similar and try reading it as the light fades. In terms of "size" most people seem to settle around 7 or 8 times magnification with a 42mm objective. Any more magnification and you have quite a narrow field of view so you have to "scan" a lot to see all the area in front of you. With high magnification binos you'll soon get fed up with this. My experience is that the 42mm objective with good glass allows you to see everything you need to see for deer stalking in forestry. By the time I can't see it in the binos I've long given up thinking it would be sensble to shoot it.

    For what it is worth my view is that Minox, right across their range, tend to be at a really good place in the price/performance graph and if you must have the absolute best glass then Zeiss are the place to look. If you want to buy the biggest magazine adverts then open a magazine and take your pick :-)
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    8.5x42 EL Swarovski. Light weight water proof, comfortable to use, fantastic clarity and lifetime guarantee.
    You use your glasses 50 times for every 1 time you look through your scope.

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    No doubt the Swaro and Zeiss offerings are excellent but I have no doubt there is a diminishing return.
    I went for a pair of Nikon 8.5x45 somethings on special from WEX.
    Being one of the worlds largest lens manufacturers I'm inclined to think they know what they're doing and the image quality is excellent. Rubberised housing and reasonable weight.

    Bird watching forums have some useful opinions, and I mean ornithology.
    Else you might spend a lot of time looking at nice birds but no relevance to bino's.

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    For woodland, best you can afford in 7 x 42. I had some leica trinovids in this mag and they were perfect. I now have Swaro 8.5 x 42 which I use for everything, but I would gladly have my old Leicas back, especially for the woodland stuff!
    Width of view, clarity and low light transmission are far more important than magnification in the woods!

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    8.5 x 42 Swarovski EL are my favourite. I have my Optolyth 7 x 42's as well and in woodland they have the edge over the Swaro's.

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