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Thread: Five round Sauer 202 mag

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    Five round Sauer 202 mag

    As header. I'm after a Sauer 202 five shot mag, for a long action round. I.e. .30-06, .270, 7x64.

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    Still looking

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    Hi rarms, I suggest you speak with Steve Beaty at Ivythorn Sporting 07970 151321 as the Sauer Lead Importer. Cheers, K

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    I always felt slightly uncomfortable when out stalking with a magazine which only held 3 rounds especially when out after red hinds. As 5 round magazines are not common I purchased another 3 round magazine which is kept loaded in my pocket and is quick and easy to swap if required. Having said that I have never needed to go for the second mag as yet.


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    Bite the bullet and buy a new one as a used one can struggle to chamber the fifth round due to spring weakening. I got a new one off EBay when selling gun parts was allowed.

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