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    anybody use

    hi all i have a 4x32 meopta scope, has anybody used one for woodland stalking? regards biker1

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    Hi Tony. Not a meopta but I changed my bushnell elite 2.2-16x50 for a zeiss 1.5-5x32 ill to go to Finland on the moose and boar. Never got to fire it in anger but it performed well on the running range. I so liked the low mounting position and the lightness along with the no fuss style I left it on and now find for woodland it's just fine for me. Light gathering is fine and the ill dot is brilliant. If you've already got the scope I'd put it on and see how it goes. I don't see me going back to larger scopes. I just got the next one up at a great price 2nd hand off here 2-8x42 which I'm looking forward to getting on my .308. I'll use this on longer range stuff or wound down in the woods.
    Haven't heard of you lately drop me a line with your news.

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