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Thread: Nightforce 5.5-20-56

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    Nightforce 5.5-20-56

    Hi chaps I use a Nightforce 8-32-56 on my stalking rifle and it has the CH-2 reticle, the problem is when the light goes down I can't see the reticle so I want to put the scope on a different rifle and buy the 5.5-20-56 for my stalking rifle, advice on which reticle would be good, i don't want advice on different makes of scope as I will stick with the Nightforce as I really rate them just my opinion.

    Regards Alan.

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    Is this just for stalking?

    5.5-20 is more suited to range work and Nightforce is quite heavy.Good scopes, but not the right application imo.
    reticle, plain old plex or something like a zeiss 4a...

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    I use the NXS 5.5-22 x 56 on my two preferred stalking rifles as do quite a few friends who are also professional stalkers. I don't think you will find a better stalking scope for your money.

    I found I got on really well with the NP-R2 ret when I first borrowed my friend NXS so have stuck with that my friends have either the sane or the Mildot.

    With all of them the rest are quite fine so you will need to use the illumination as it gets dark.

    You could come over one day and have a look if you wanted.

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    Alan, I have the NXS 5-22x56 Nightforce with mil dot. This setup is for all round use on foxes inc lamping, deer and also target shooting. Found the mil dot great and useful for hold over on longer quick shots in the field. Nice clear reticle and not too intrusive. Night force are just launching some new products inc a new hunting reticle, so might be worth looking at them on their site.

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    Thanks for the advice chaps, Milligan I see your point but the weight of the scope has no bearing for me it will be used for stalking and foxing, also in the summer I do a lot of rabbit shooting out to 400yds so I would use it for that although rarely to be honest as I use a .204 and a .17AH for most if not all the rabbit shooting, Mr Lewis thanks for the offer your not to far away so if time allows I may take you up on your kind offer, My scope has the illuminated reticle but if I turn it on I can't see anything because of the glare even though I have turned down the brightness, glad to know i'm not the only one who likes the Nightforce for stalking, Paul I have a 12-42-56 on my .204 and its the mill dot so I can agree with you I just wanted to check with other peoples view before I buy another one.

    Thanks guys Alan.

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    I have an NXS 5.5-22 x 56 with the Np2-DD ret. Had it for about eight years now and would only change it for another new one. Superb reticle in low light, in fact I've yet to see one I think is better. Swarovski glass has the slight edge in low light but the Np2-DD ret on the Nightforce sold it to me.
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    I've been using a mildot 8-32x56nxs and a range finding reticle 3.5-15x56NF model. I think the mildot cross is quicker to find and easier to see in bad light but I dont use the hold over points on this one as I dial in with the turrets. The Nf one I do use the hold over points and find it really effective. I would consider the MOAR reticle or the Velocity one if I had to pick another scope.

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    Got 2 nxs scopes & one of mine is a CH summit and very fine but turn on illuminated ret & its fine but would be useless on last light if not able to illuminate
    The other is NP2DD
    And can't fault that ret ..... Thinking bout just changing the CH ret to np2dd also


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