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Thread: good pair of swivels

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    good pair of swivels

    Getting a leather sling made for my .243 and want some strong swivels. What are the Hush Stalker II swivels like and these

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    If your going to the trouble of having a sling made I'd leave the hush stalker alone ok but go for metal I use uncle mikes .had some hush stalker on a rimmy very light and they bent not broke .

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    plastic has no place on a rifle IMO
    especially load bearing.

    I broke a pair of those plastic fantastic ones

    I use the Sako QD ones or Uncle Mikes

    I have some screw in Parker Hales swivels for sale if you don't want QD!!

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    +1 for Uncle Mikes

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    I have used these Hush Stalker slings but found that the screw came loose during a stalk and was lost, not good during a stalk.

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    +1 for uncle mikes given the cost of the kit hanging off them. Never had an issue with them.

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    Look no further:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    Look no further:

    From where?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Sniper View Post
    From where?
    Try E-Bay America as they are no longer made by Mike's but some stock exists.


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