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Thread: modarators and lamping

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    modarators and lamping

    after a failed attempt of lamping last night how do you guys stop the light reflecting off your mod when using a scope mounted light when you have to lamp alone, before any one points out i use a seperate lamp when scanning for quarry.

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    Mount it underneath somehow using the front swivel just as a bipod does. Just a thought. You've not been out trying to Kill those nasty foxes have you?
    Anyway I'll lamp for you.
    Flogging will continue until morale improves

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    i used to use a old sock on mine.

    then a mod cover.rubber inner tube from a bike.

    then i painted the mod.

    now i use heat shrink to cover them or as on the 243 i have a cover sent to me buy a chap on here.

    works well,

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    those foxes are at roberts still want to lamp for me mark.

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    So long as it's not me that misses. I wouldn't shoot myself(that would be stupid) but I'd lamp for you darling.
    Flogging will continue until morale improves

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    I put a plant pot around the lamp to direct the beam over the silencer. Other way is a piece of cloth over the barrel and silencer. Sock is a good idea as above.

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    I got so fed up with the reflected light that I bought an ND3 x 50 the beam is narrow enough to miss the mod.

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    I used to use a sock on mine in my younger days before marriage!!

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