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Thread: Rifle Basix Trigger

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    Rifle Basix Trigger

    Just wondering if anyone has experience of these good or bad. Thinking of getting one for a 700. Know rimfire magic use them on some of their customs. Have tried Timney and Jewell but Jewell is out of my price range, so it is between the timney and rifle basix.
    Any feedback would be appreciated

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    Hi bud no personnel experience although have seen first hand how much it's improved my mates shooting since he replaced his factory trigger with the RB 1 in his SPS.

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    I've fitted a Rifle Basix trigger to my Savage 6br - I ordered it direct from RB. The SAV-2 is an excellent trigger, direct replacement, easy fitting, came complete with a "How to" dvd and the company were very easy to deal with.

    100% recommendation.

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    I have a Rifle Basixx aftermarket trigger in my Ruger - has made a significant difference to the rifle. All good and for hard to beat for the money.
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    I had one fitted to a remmy 700 and was very pleased, infact after seeing above link I've just ordered one for my ruger 300wm - 81 delivered, bargain me thinks

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    My brother has a factory Rem 700 trigger which was worked on by Mike Norris. It is better than the Timney I have on my Rem 700 clone. Years ago Norman Clark did the same on two Rem 700's I had and again same result. I actually asked to buy a Timney at the time and Norman told me to save my money and have them tweak the factory unit. Again it was as good if not better than a Timney.

    Also had a Rifle Basix on a Howa and it was no better than the factory unit. Went back to MikeNorris with the factory one and it was then better than the Rifle Basix. My advice is save your money and for a modest fee find a good rifle smith worth his salt and have the factory untis worked on.
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    Have one in my ruger, easy to fit and adjust to what you like

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