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Thread: Which Harkila Jacket

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    Which Harkila Jacket


    im looking for a new stalking jacket and have settled on the Harkila range. Im stuck between the Prohunter, Wisla (which is running at a good price atm) and the Lappmark. Most importantly I want it for keeping me dry but a bit of winter warmth would be good too.

    Has anyone who uses them got anything good/bad to say about any of them?? Any help is greatly appreciated


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    graham I have the harkila kodiak Jacket and have never regreted buying it despite the cost and it is good enough to wear on a pheasant shoot as well.
    The only downside is that it dosent have a hood but as i wear a cap this is not a problem.
    Would i buy another yes definatelly
    A friend of mine has the pro hunter it may not look as nice and isnt quite as comfy but has a hood and is harder wearing.
    My advice is buy one you wil not regret it

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    I've got the Kodiak Jacket and trousers for winter and the Wisla jacket for warmer days - brilliant kit and well worth the money.

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    I have the pro hunter jacket and trousers and wear them continually they are very good and do the job well no regrets and would buy the same again.

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    I have the pro hunter jacket and trousers and think they are great infact I dont seem to wear anything else these days would even take the better half out for a meal wearing them if she would let me . Great piece of kit would buy exactly the same again.

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    I have the pro hunter and am very happy with it as does the guy i shoot with.

    I wouldnt say you need anything warmer in this country, in fact i am looking for a lighter jacket to wear as i get a bit toasty!

    I reckon that they are quite smart as well, easily good enough to wear on a driven day


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    I have the Prohunter and cant rate it any higher... Its water proof, silent, it has a hood if its really wet... Also they have a 5 year gaurantee

    Local Estate that i go beating on gave all the keepers the new kodiak jackets last year and they all leaked on the first day of wearing them! It might have been a faulty batch but worth keeping in mind...

    Overall I like the range and even though they are expensive they are good quality

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    thanks chaps, all good stuff

    Blot; do you reckon the Wisla would be any use in a winter downpour?

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    No doubt the Wisla jacket will be waterproof but, you might get a bit cold.

    Nothing some thermals and a micro fleece wouldn't fix.

    I find layering up in winter is the way to stay warmest, thermals, microfleece, thicker fleece, then waterproof swazi thar anorak.

    If you are considering a serious investment in a jacket a Swazi wapiti jacket would be worth a look but, if you're heart is set on harkila I would go for the Kodiak especially at this price;

    I use the Harkila pro hunter trousers and they are very good quality.


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    Pro Hunter

    I have both Pro Hunter and kodiak trousers and rate them both V Vhighly depending on the climate. But bot grades are exceptional

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