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Thread: Which .308 factory ammo for an X-bolt

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    Which .308 factory ammo for an X-bolt

    Has anyone got any good suggestions for factory ammo to use in a Browning X- bolt .308 for use on Roe and Fallow?

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    It's not a case of ammunition for the make of rifle it is a case of finding the best round to suit YOUR rifle not all Browning X Bolts will shoot the same. This is one of the reasons why so many shooters reload. A) in the long terms it is cheaper. B) once you have a round tailored to your rifle i.e. Case, Powder, bullet etc. you keep the recipe and use it every-time.

    I would suggest you try Winchester ammunition 150 grn bullet to start with, see how it shoots at your local range and save the cases as Winchester brass is good for reloading.
    PM me and I'll let you know where there is a range close to you.

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    have a look at and cheap lots of good reports on line

    Quote Originally Posted by Grog View Post
    Has anyone got any good suggestions for factory ammo to use in a Browning X- bolt .308 for use on Roe and Fallow?

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    I relaoad all my ammo but a friend of mine gave me a box of RCBS 308 150gr SP.
    wow they were spot on 3@100yrd all touching and the same point of aim as my home loads in my sako TRG. Would not go to buying factory ammo but it's good to know if I was short and needed some I have a brand that works.

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    what essbee said reloading is the key when i buy a new cal i buy a load of cheap ammo to run in the barrel if a new rifle , what i have found that in all my rifles hornady has always been the most accurate, then i reload the brass which is good, 130 grn superformance ammo in my 270 win i have found to spot on but a bit on high price side, atb steve

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    I have recently bought the x bolt in .308. I have just bedded the barrel in and zeroed with Geco 170grain soft points teilmantel. They easily achieve sub 1 inch groups. I have not yet tried them on deer yet, Hope this helps.

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    Hornady 150gr soft points worked well, but home loads work better.

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    I've had a stainless x bolt in 308 for over a year and am getting on well with it for fallow and roe. Including zeroing I have put several hundred rounds through mine. I reload and always use 150grain soft point normal spitzer, round nose or boat tail not ballistic tip, I won't bother getting into any debates about stopping power, meat damage etc as it is all personal preference. However I get on well with this type of bullet head on all deer.

    Obviously each rifle is unique, but here is my experience, mine does not really like Winchester ammo, but shoots the Remington factory ammo ok again in 150gr soft point about an inch at 100m. Regarding home loads it does not like nosler heads, but gets on we'll with sierra and hornady (all 150gr soft points).

    It seems to always like a hot upper level near maximum load and does not like starting loads at all. For example in Vit n135 powder loads start at 39 to 45 grains (ish), it shoots 43plus grains well at about half an inch at 100m. It seems to get on with all the similar powders especially IMR 4895 as well.

    Hope that helps, pm me if you want any more info.

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    I had good luck with the cheap (not that any ammo is cheap these days) 150 grain Federal Power Shok. I can't make a reload that will shoot any better and they kill deer pretty well, though not quite as well as the Nosler Partitions I load myself. Last lot I bought I paid around 20 a box though for all I know they might be twice that now.
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    Hi Grog!
    I used to shoot the Sako Super-Hammerhead, but this bullet turned out to be much to hard for roe, if shot behind the shoulder, without hitting the shoulder bone, they all took off and run about 50-150 meters, which is s..., if hunting on large clearfalls as I used to do....
    Now I changed to the Winchester Super X Power Max bonded, a cheap and good factory loaded ammunition. This bullet works good on roe and larger deer (including red deer), if not dropped on the spot, no more running further than 15 meters. I may mention, that I am taking about 50 animals+ every season with my .308, including about 20+ boars, so, I need to have a cheap but working bullet.....


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