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Thread: r93 second hand rifles

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    r93 second hand rifles

    Hi all,

    I am thinking about getting a blaser r93 professional in green 50 cm barrel in .308 or .30-06 i would rather buy second hand to save a few quid also i know that some dealers are taking money knowing that delivery is months away ok if you know that but not if they say a couple of weeks

    Question is where do you guys look for second hand ones to compare prices etc i have tried gun trader and some gun shops but do not seem to see very many, is this because nobody sells them

    If any body has any links or info i would appreciate it, thanks

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    This guy:

    currently lists a new 30/06 barrel and a SH 308 barrel in stock. He's a good guy, call him.

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    Sorry, I misread, I thought you were looking for a spare barrel, rather than an whole rifle.

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    i bought my R93 from someone on here and got a spare barrell from mcleods.

    why go 20"? the beauty of the R93 is you cane get more barrell in the same overall length as other rifles. wearing a T4 my .308 and .243 are as short as short can be

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    Very pleased with my .30-06 Luxus.
    Picked it up from

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    To Sako85
    The Mann. luxus is a lovely rifle have around. A real thoroughbred to look-at and admire.

    I had one in .243 but had to look for a nicer home for it after our continually wet weather up here began to warp the second stock forend.

    Mannlicher were not amused and carried out what practically amounted to an accusatory inquistion that I dared to insult one of their firearms by mentioning the problem.

    I hear it has done some reliable work out Africa-way since then.

    I moved on to other things for a while, but am back to carting a .308 Mann. SSG around.

    It's not a light beast at the end of a long day, but it certainly helps during the shooting.

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