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Thread: 20g beretta wanted

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    20g beretta wanted

    20g beretta wanted

    Hi please pm my if you have one, wood condition unimportant. older style 686/687 preferred

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    i have a near mint 686 gold e 20b
    drop me a email for some pics .


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    Thanks Steve but I'm looking for a more traditional older game gun, Brian

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    Hi Brian, what sort of money are you looking to spend? I have an '87 model 687 I could be parted from IF the price was right!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Hi Guys, still looking.
    I want this as a project gun and fit a straight hand stock to match the one my son has. I'm not looking for high priced mint example, my budget is around 600.
    Cheers Brian

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    still looking and would now also consider a browning

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    Hi 686 i have a seven year old silver pigeon 20 gauge 750 are you interested.....
    Walk little- look often .

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodland stalker View Post
    Hi 686 i have a seven year old silver pigeon 20 gauge 750 are you interested.....
    Hi this is a little too young in the loins for me!! i'm looking for an older model ideally the 687 game scene model

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    still looking guys l/h prefered that's why I don't mind what the wood is like.
    I'd also look at a browning

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