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Thread: Bath & West game fair

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    Bath & West game fair

    Any one been today, was it any good.

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    Going tomorow so will wait to see what others say with interest.

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    Just got back, a good day out, similar to previous years, good deals on ridgeline and deerhunter clothing. spent too much!!!!

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    Same as every other year really but I think probably a bit less to see, the stands seemed more spread out than before. Not great but not bad if you've not been before.

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    Looking forward to going tomorrow

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    Yes, I went today, much of a muchness really, still i met a few people i hadnt seen for a while and its good to catch up, was hoping to find a `cold steel ` knife but none available...Bought some Hmr rounds and a couple of boar burgers...Quite happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookingfat View Post
    Looking forward to going tomorrow
    + 1

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    Went today, yes it's maybe a bit samey but had a great day out, and best of all it was busy but not stupidly overcrowded like Stoneleigh was.

    Well worth a visit if you're fairly local.

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    I didn't even know it was on!

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    Went yesterday and as Jim xyz says worth a visit if you're fairly local. Couldn't find the fleece that i wanted but bought various leads etc for the teckel. Shame there isn't much gun trade representation.

    Deer Diary

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