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Thread: Spaniel advice wanted

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    Spaniel advice wanted

    I know that this isn't the right forum for spaniels . I noticed that many forum members are professionally involved in the shooting/stalking world and that many others are really devoted amateurs .
    The modern springer spaniel seems to go downhill . These modern dogs , which are frequently far to small , are deadly fast in white grass and on bracken, look very flashy and spectacular , but seem to miss the true spaniel qualities. Is there a forum member are somebody in your friends who still has a line of the old type of springer ???
    - springer size
    - quickly maturing / start hunting after only finding a few birds
    - good gamefinders
    - hunting hard , fast and fearless in the hardest cover
    - stamina
    - good temperament
    - etc .....
    If somebody has an idea , you can always answer through this forum or sent me a PM .

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    Give Rory major a ring, 01526388616. He has a litter of Cockers and a world of knowledge.

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    Many of the "major" springer breeders are also involved in trialling hence the leaning to the fast stylish, smaller dog who I agree will do well in white grass and bracken but faced with heavy gorse etc may not have the build/strength.

    These "modern" dogs are the ones that are winning the FTCH titles and obviously the more they are used for breeding the further we get away from the older style of dog you describe.

    If I were looking for the type of dog you want I would tend to look for something that is "keeper" bred and not necessarily with a long list of red in the pedigree. One of my dogs is this type. Big, bold and will work all day in whatever cover I send him into. No chance of wining any FTCH titles and not very much red in his pedigree but he comes from a long line of true working dogs.

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    There is a breeder near me that maintains the "old" qualities. I dont know them personally but could soon get their contact details if you want. I'm based in N Yorks. pm me if you think it will be any good

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    i feel you hav missed one important point here
    old fashioned dogs were part show as that is how most breeds started
    Rytex is everthing thing you hav mentioned, but i am not a Rytex fan
    Badgercourt has the same mo, not as hard going but better looking dogs in my opinion
    Sunstar, he still likes to produce donkeys instead of springers
    Keith Carter has always stuck to big headstrong dogs
    the biggest problem i feel today is most springers will make a working dog and fufill all your needs if trained right but not every dog will make a champion
    but remember these smaller dogs do hold quite a bigger advantage in the working field
    choose carefully and you will not regret it

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    Mine is from out of kilpan magic and is a small spaniel. he originates from wales, and i brought him from jack hiliff (i don't think you spell his name this way) his brother was a champ.
    I could not be happier with him,and i doubt i will ever get a spaniel this good again. you only have to show him something once and hes got it.
    I do believe that they are going further and further away from what we need in a working dog.
    My m8 went out with a field trial champ with his gos once and after 20 minuets of explosive working by this spaniel it was smashed to bits and knackered.
    and was returned to the truck and another dog was used.
    I'm afraid i need more than this out of one of my dogs.I need a dog to find deer / fox / pick up / beat / and be a companion /and so on
    a jack of all trades. and this is what i have in my spaniel.


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    Call Glynn at Newflame gun dogs. They have a web site. Traditional lines. He is blunt and not a Ritex (hope spelt that right) fan. he lives in north Derbyshire.
    good luch Tom

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    Thanks guys for the answers and the PM's .

    In no way I would say that all modern dogs are bad are not adapted to the job . But if a large majority of dogs that you see , need huge exposure to game to start going , are scared to pick up a living pigeon even after trying him maybe 20/30 times , then something is wrong .

    I have seen dogs hunting cover hard and fast after finding 2 blackbirds in a hedge . These same dogs after finding these 2 birds where that difficult to hold that you had to keep them away from any scent to continue their training . This is what a spaniel should look like . His first job is hunting and that's what he should be : a hunting machine .

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    Hales smut, I know what you mean I have had springers for the last 20+ years, my foundation lines coming from Peggy Pratts Brickclose Masterpiece.

    I have been unable to find the sort of springer blood that I really like and have turned to cockers in recent years. They are as good as you can get and now must be considered the heyday of the cocker.

    Good luck with the springer quest, someone said Will Clulee was breeding more traditional springers dont know if this is true.

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    Hales Smut

    His first job is hunting and that's what he should be : a hunting machine .
    Is your heart really set on a springer? If the above is what you're after then why not look at a cocker spaniel?


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