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Thread: Letter from council - Dogs barking causing a nuisance...

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    Letter from council - Dogs barking causing a nuisance...


    This morning we received a letter in the post from the Doncaster council enforcement officer, apparently, our dogs barking is causing a nuisance. Usual council blurb, then thinly veiled threats of courses of action if there is evidence bla bla bla....

    So let me put my side of it to you all - We live on a newish (10yr old) housing estate, bought our house off-plan and over the last ten years lived in it for five years split equally with a five year gap living in the south. We know most of the closest residents and most seem a friendly bunch. We live in an end terrace town house, middle owners have bought a Bedlington and its a pet not a working dog (it's actually turned their garden to bomb site as its so bloody bored) - naturally my dogs (lab and Patterdale) have taken offence to the newcomer and voice their opinions every time it walks out their back-door (their dog voices it's own opinions at all hours). The house the other end of our row is empty and as we back onto a old farm stables, we've had to contact the estranged owners as we have a rat problem coming through from the empty dwelling.

    Other side of us is a block of two houses - the closest are new residents, they are a young couple with a 1yr old and a spaniel. He sits out the back most evenings and smokes weed and in the summer we have had to close our windows as it fills our house. She never (and I mean never) leaves the house ever. They never say hello (since they moved in - they are both in their twenties he early, her late twenties if not early thirties. The only comments we've had from them ever is about us having three cars (4x4, wife's run-around and my comp car) none if which cause a parking issue or anything like that. Their spaniel when in their garden runs up and down our fence winding up our dogs. I should also add that in the closest 10 houses at least half have dogs that all make noise...

    now for the area, I'm a southerner and I've lived in some rough places but Mexborough is probably the worst (recent canabis sting on our estate and burned out cars are the norm). Across the back of the next set if terraced houses is home to two druggies that regularly have the plod around for everything from raids to returning their 3yr old from the town centre. Personally we've experienced stolen post, stolen washing off the line, stolen ornaments from the gardens front and rear , car damage, kids being verbally abused by of kids off the estate as we school them in the next town over where is a lot nicer and the list goes on.
    Since having the dogs at the property for almost three years we've never had a complaint before, we've had no more thefts from the rear garden where they are, and no rats / intruders to the rear. The dogs go mad when we arrive home for five minutes (like they all do) but they will go mad if someone tries to take a look over the fence or tries the side gate. All of which I want them to do.

    Lastly, the dogs are in every evening before six until 7am.

    I really do feel like asking the enforcement officer to come and talk to me but I fear it may not do any good, our house is up for sale and we want to get the hell out of dodge..

    Deeply annoyed, any advice from people who have been in similar situations would be appreciated!

    apologies for the no of edits - iPhone !

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    you have my sympathies we have had problems over the years with our neighbours also hope you get sorted soon
    Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser

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    Had a similar dog issue with a neighbour many yrs ago when I kept terriers and the neighbour worked from home ,I had to get anti bark collars which did work for a while .we now have even noisier dogs but fortunately no neighbours dogs bark fact ...some more than others our German shepherds bark if a sparrow farts in the garden and to be honest I wouldn't want to live near us it's like being at the hunt kennels but I think some people take the complain to the council thing too far just wish folk could talk to each other so cowardly talking to the authorities first and that feels crap .
    Try the anti bark collars

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    Sorry to hear, I too live on an estate that's 8 years old and have been there since it was built. 1/2 of the neighbours in our cul-de-sac have dogs the other 1/2 cats. Now I shoot on a local pond 400yds from my front door (cormorant control) if I shoot one any of my neighbours would hear the shot, so does the dog & she goes ballistic that's the key for my wife to open the front door to let the dog out, she then comes to retrieve what I've shot. Last Sunday 0605 hours I took a shot & could hear the dog at home (in the house) going mad. Lucky I get on with my neighbours and none of them have ever complained YET.
    Don't know what to advise in your situation but hope you can sort it in your favour

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    Friend of mine has had three of these letters now and treated each with the same disdain they deserve.
    The council can do NOTHING...absolutely stop a dog barking. To do so is, and this from the RSPCA, cruel.
    So, the councils find themselves having to fluff and bluster with veiled threats when, in fact, they can do nowt.
    Tell them to **** right orf
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    You have my sympathy Tommo i know mexboro and the surrounding area well its no different to moorends thorne or stainforth.
    When i was a kid these areas were where i grew up now like you say its just like "dodge", if you aint got a high sided tranny pick up full of scrap parked outside your house or grow weed or have a bull x greyhound deer slaying dog your in the minority.
    I moved out to the sticks years ago but you still get the same house based pikeys out of the pit villages cruising around it was only the other day my neighbour had a grands worth of oil nicked.
    Like has already said i think the council are very limited to what they can do, fek me you think thats bad iv got peacoks screaming from a farm across the way, and nx door has geese ducks cockrels tukeys kicking off all day ! DF

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    As Limulus says ignore them! What can they do? Your dogs are protecting your property thats part of their job. They haven't attacked anybody so whats the problem? Tell the council to act on the vandalism, the abusive kids and druggies before they come whining at you!

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    Although in slightly different circumstances I had a similar problem to Tommo.

    I grew up in a small rural village which progressively became over developed and suburbanised, most of the incomers were retired people from conurbations in the midlands.

    When I was a child several people would wander around the local lanes shooting woodpigeons out of trees in other peoples gardens, there was common consent for this, any concern would be over who owned and ate the dead bird. As time passed by this practice became unacceptable and the last time that I fired a .410 in the garden this was met by a chorus of slamming doors and windows.

    Then there was the man with a large nose who hated bonfires, if one was lit within 1/2 a mile or so of his house he would seek out the culprit and subject them to abusive anonymous phone calls. Then an equally anonymous neighbour complained that I had a mini-digger parked on my driveway which the bumptious local councillor drew to my attention and of course my dogs barked at passers by as well.

    The final straw came when the aforementioned councillor decided to light up the neighbourhood with the ghastly yellow glow of street lighting, one of which he had placed outside of my house.

    I encountered him outside the village shop, I asked him why he had done this, he said that someone had requested the lighting but would not say who, he said that "he did not have to tell me that". Well I am afraid that at that point and in front a now gathering crowd of villagers I politely suggested an alternative location for the lampost which was in an area in closer proximity to him and had no sunshine, he stormed off in a huff.

    So my advice to Tommo is that you already have come to the same conclusion as I did, grin and bear your existing circumstances as best you can and move as soon as you are able to.

    atb Tim

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    Friend of mine has had three of these letters now and treated each with the same disdain they deserve.
    The council can do NOTHING...absolutely stop a dog barking.Total bilge ,ws To do so is, and this from the RSPCA, cruel.
    So, the councils find themselves having to fluff and bluster with veiled threats when, in fact, they can do nowt.
    Tell them to **** right orf
    limulus here i thought you were one of the sensible people on this site .

    Two of the biggest causes of noise pollution in the UK are Music and Barking Dogs

    The council can and will issue an ASBO for barking dogs Ive been there twice and had a warning of an ASBO, when it was actually the guy next door tying his foxhound to a pole i got the blame, i fitted CCTV an showed the evidence to the noise team ,haven't seen them since.

    There after if the noise does not stop the can take you to court and have the dogs removed, i took this to a lawyer for a bit of advice ,it was put to good use the foxhound is gone .

    If your not satisfied with this goggle dogs and anti social noise ,but there is plenty the can do .

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    Get out of there as soon as possible. Its not worth your energy or sanity trying to hold back the tide. You can't win you'll just grow old trying. There's almost no possibility of the council helping you or taking any action against anti-social behaviour. This will be one of their many social dumping grounds. the last thing they want is normal people turning up in the middle of it. I expect they regard you as the problem for rocking the boat. Unfortunately that's wefare society for you.
    Your case is clearly a special one, but it must be said that in normal circumstances persistently barking dogs are a blight that cause absolute misery for other people. I lived near a pair of dogs once that barked constantly, and I confess that if I didn't have firearms licences to protect I would have done something drastic. Everyone nearby felt the same. The owners dismissed their neighbours as miserable non-dog people. Again, but for my tickets.... No one should be put in that position.

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