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Thread: Pocket binoculars

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    Pocket binoculars

    Any suggestions for a decent pair, that could be used as a back up for woodland stalking if needed.

    From experience please I know the usual big 3 suspects will be the best, but are they worth it at low size?


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    I reckon they are worth the money, particularly in the smaller sizes.
    The size is a compromise, you can't compromise on quality of glass as well and expect them to work.
    I am seriously thinking about a pair of Zeiss Victory Compact 8x20 T* Binoculars for everyday pocket carry.


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    Cheers Neil, any good stockists that you have seen?

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    Small bins are well worth it I think. I've got a pair of Swarovski 10x25 that live in my pocket. Outstanding, wouldn't be without them.

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    I use Zeiss Conquest 10x25 for general daytime hunting. I'm very satisfied with them, low weight and small packing size. I chose them over the 8x20 because size, weight and price were practically the same and I thought extra magnification would suit my needs.

    One very important point is eye relief, if you use glasses. I don't, but my friends have commented that my Zeiss has adequate eye relief.

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    Have a pair of Viking travel / pocket binos and for the cash very good every day pocket item
    Travel abroad with work so carry them about.... Robust and for the cash if I lose them I won't be completely gutted

    Would buy again


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    Quote Originally Posted by marrajack View Post
    Cheers Neil, any good stockists that you have seen?
    So far PhotoExpressLakeland look good, an e-bay seller, but I believe also sell direct.
    Item number:120809424354

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    Swarovski 8x20 were my only hunting binoculars for many years, the quality is excellent, including light transmission.

    With the Swarovskis, the focussing wheel is centered between the barrels, and can be used either right handed or left handed. This might not be the case in other brands.

    In choosing between 8x20 and 10x25, you might want to consider field of view, and also hand trembling : because they are so light, any trembling is easily transmitted to the bins. It is not an issue for me with the 8x20, but it could be with the 10x25.

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    I have a little pair of Leica 8x20BC's. I find these crystal clear and take up very little room as will all the other 8x20's. If I were birdwatching I might be happy to carry around something bigger, but when youv'e got a rifle and rangefinder to cart around you dont really want a big pair of binos as well. The only downsides are that they are not rubber armoured and have a single hole for a cord - I would prefer twin mounts for a proper strap.

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