View Poll Results: How often / What stalking do you do?

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  • Professional Deer manager/ Part of my job

    16 13.33%
  • Hobby Stalker - Novice (first season or about to start)

    6 5.00%
  • Hobby stalker - A handful of guided stalks each year to fill the freezer/ Trophys

    9 7.50%
  • Hobby stalker - Part of a syndicate: Under 6 outings per year

    1 0.83%
  • Hobby Stalker - Part of a syndicate: Under 15 outings per year

    6 5.00%
  • Hobby Stalker - Part of a syndicate: More than 15 outings per year

    7 5.83%
  • Hobby Stalker - Own Land/ permission: A handful of times each season

    9 7.50%
  • Hobby Stalker - Own Land/ permission: At least weekly in season

    13 10.83%
  • Hobby Stalker - Own Land/ permission: At least a couple of times per week

    8 6.67%
  • Hobby Stalker - Multiple grounds/ permissions: Every opportunity - at least weekly in season

    45 37.50%
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Thread: Poll - How frequently/ what stalking do you do?

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    Poll - How frequently/ what stalking do you do?

    Reading a post here yesterday that suggested that many members here were hobby stalkers that went out on guided stalks a few (perhaps 3 or 4) times per year - what do you do?

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    The day job (and 3 young children) get in the way of more stalking, I'm afraid...!

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    Try to get out a couple of times a week or more if I can. Will slow down a bit now for a few months due to work but hopefully still get out weekly

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    got to be out either stalking or just looking for deer three or four times a week or i become grumpier than normal......

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    3 weeks on 3 weeks off at work so try and get as much as possible in my time off, especially more so with the Buck season coming shortly.

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    Out weekly except when I get the pheasants august time into sept concentrate on keeping them safe .

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    over the last couple of yrs i managed 70 - 80 outings down from 200 plus outings a yr due to job change , but hey ho the day job pays the bills !

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    Hi i have managed one trip a week during the season and had a decent return on the grounds i manage

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    If your definition of a hobby stalker is anyone that doesn't do it all day every day to put bread on the table then yes I think the majority on the site will be hobby stalkers. I think there are still a few catagories you are missing though. Some take on part time/voluntary work in different capacities with Deer management organisations for example or leases/contracts with forestry groups. I know quite a few guys that take large numbers of deer every year outside of a full time job.

    Conversly I have never met anyone involved with deer full time that would only describe what they do as a means to an end. Its a fine line between hobby and work.

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