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Thread: Zeiss Victory HT

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    Zeiss Victory HT

    Just interested to hear from anyone who is using the Zeiss Victory HT rifle scope.
    Your thoughts would be appreciated particularly if you changed from a Z6i.

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    Glass wise you wont better especially at low light. A very definite difference compared to my Swaro SLC HD bino's on same magnification. The IL dot is very fine and cant be seen if not illuminated but I preferred the Varipoint dot as it gave you something to focus on when not in IL mode.

    ASD 2 is easy to use and pretty accurate but not really tested it much past 300 meters yet.

    The 3x12x56 is a very good stalking scope though, I now have 3 pairs sat on top of all my rifles.

    My mate had a Z6 (Not Z6I) and sold it as soon as he tried my Zeiss and wont go back now.
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