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Thread: Hungarian Scope Mounts

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    Hungarian Scope Mounts

    Hello at all,

    thank you for supporting me with my BSA and my scope mount questions. In return I would like to tell you about an hungarian scope mount system.
    As a german I am addicted to detachable scope mounts like Ernst Apel swing off mounts, but that option were too expensive for a student like me. Therefore my gunsmith told me about the hungarian scopemounts. These mounts are the most common mounts in Hungary and the factory also does full customized mounts for any type of guns.

    This is what they look like with the rings on top of the bases:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The mount system is based on the principles of the german swing off mounts. The front is linked by turning the dovetail in the base and fixed by the rear with a firm clip that locks the rear ring on the base. Pretty simple system and a strong linkage.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The price is also an argument for these mounts. The bases with two sets of rings (available in 30 mm, 1" or weaver-stile) cost about 230 Euro (200 GBP).
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    looks a nice set up ,get out and get that bsa christened now, happy hunting and will look forward to your hunting writeups, atb wayne
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    They look very similar to the Kozap mounts.


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    I think Kozap mounts are different. Check the clip on the rear food.
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    Nice rifle of course the BSA CF2 is the easiest one to mount scopes on today as the top of the action/receiver is the same profile as the Remington 700 and other makes. This was done to firstly on the Monarch 2nd pattern to make the rifle more acceptable to the American market and continued onto the CF2 model.

    My own CF2 half stock in 7x57 wears Apel Roll Off mounts.

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    Any idea who makes them? The name of the company ? I am intrested to see what else they have.

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    they look similar to, but not sure if identical, as 'Rusan' mounts, google them......if not the same, they are damn close!

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    I have some 'Blaser' saddle back mounts made in Hungary and do the same job as my original Blaser and MAK mounts but were only two thirds of the price.
    I got mine off of E Bay.

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    I found an hungarian guy here in germany who imported the mounts for me. I donīt know the company neither their web adress. That sounds a bit strange maybe, but I trusted my gunsmith, who orded his mounts a few years ago in Hungary on a hunting trip. The same hungarian guy assisted him with the mounts at that time.

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    Thanks for the info.

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