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Thread: Dogs for blood spooring deer

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    Dogs for blood spooring deer

    Last year I bought a dog for deer stalking. It is a Bavarian Mountain Hound, bred especially for blood spooring wounded deer. Training is going fairly well, and although only 11 months old he is settling down. I am out for Fallow this weekend with him for the first time.

    Has anyone in the forum trained a Bavarian before, or has a friend or contact who has? It would be good to swap notes if there is anyone.


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    Get hold of Jan Andrews I think she was the first peson to bring them into this country.

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    Hi Malcolm
    I am just about to get a Bavarian and was wondering how you get on with yours, if you have any tips ect:
    PM me if you wish.

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    Hi Muntiacus

    I have a 4 year old Hannoverian/Bavarian cross much to the chagrin of Jan. I work her frequently on both fresh and cold trails up to 36 hrs old. If you want any help or advice feel free to PM me.


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    Beautiful looking dogs Mark. How much would you expect to pay for a Bavarian or Han/Bav cross?

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    Hi Malcolm

    Myself and a friend are enthusiasts rather than breeders so the barter system works well otherwise about 500. The dogs all work, though they are also pets and good with the kids.
    THe cross breed gives a little more body weight to the Bavarian but the bavarian was crossed out of the Hannoverian to start with anyway. A little cross breed vigour once in a while does no harm in ironing out inbreeding defects.


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    Deer Dog

    Hi all,
    Been watching this with interest. I'm undecided on what breed to go for with my next dog, I've been out with a friend watching his Gsp bitch and although she was excellent I wasn't sold on the breed. I would like to see a Bavarian working don't now if anyone can help I'm in the Hereford/Worcs area I would even supply the stalking???


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    Hi Wayne,
    I'm a newbie to the board and I read your post with interest.
    I have a black GSP dog, rising 4, from a working strain.
    I have to say, he's a cracker ! Just watching him run is a pleasure - I don't bother with driven shoots any more, because I get more enjoyment working him for friends' rough shooting !
    He has really settled well to deer work and will sit ready whilst I crawl off into the distance and take the shot. Or lie quietly below a high seat.
    I have only ever once had a wounded roe buck, shot slightly forward in the fore leg. He got straight to it and held it down without any fuss. Blood trailing or finding a beast in uncut silage grass etc is no problem either.
    If you have the time to spend with a GSP and it lives as family, they are real characters and very rewarding. Not sure that they would be so good outside in a run though !

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    Hi Wayne, I have a Bavarian dog who is 16 months old. He has trailed and found his first deer, but still needs a lot more experiance. I shall be taking him up to my lease in Scotland this year. Maybe I could drop by on the way up. You have my number let me know and perhaps we can sort something out later in the year.

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    Cheers all,
    many thanks for you pm's and kind offers be in touch soon.

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