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Thread: mothers day venison

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    mothers day venison

    the kids are cooking fallow neck and fallow sausages in mix of beef consume brown ale and stick stock i made from some the stanley for 4-5 hours at about 150 we call it boozy neck. mash tatys carrots and rudan .oh yeh and the remaining bottles of brown ale to wash it down.

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    i hope the misses enjoyes this more than you guys or there,s no chance of a ride it only comes once a year now i was banking on this one

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    best hope she don,t read this or your nights entertainment is scuppered

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    thats true .if she does ill have to wait till my birthday. and thats not till january

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    On the otherside you have something to look forward to

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    ive over indulged lads .dont think ime up for it now.. and i got to do the f---ing dishes.

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    Do the dishes and don't complain! If you leave her to do the dishes you've really screwed it up!

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    go for it mate you know she is worth it. just think of all the goody points you will get for our next stalking trip lol.

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    great shes flat out

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    that would be right

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