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Thread: Foxing, Starting Out

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    Foxing, Starting Out

    Hi All,

    I know this is a stalking forum but my stalking career is still embryonic and at this stage I've just got my first FAC for a 22.250 for foxing. The only problem is I know nothing about foxing and now have to start learning.

    So can anyone recommend some good reading, either on the internet or the old fashioned way, a book to get me started.

    As well as that is there anyone in the North Dorset area that needs an apprentice. I'd be happy to come along as a bag carrier just to look and listen and/or to at a later date to bring my rifle, the main problem with that being I'm on a closed ticket so any land would have to be cleared. I know I've said I've only just got my FAC but I was in the Army for 20 odd years so I'm not a total admin disaster in the field and I do know one end of a rifle from the other. Clearly I'd be happy to buy some beer by way of payment.

    If the above is a non starter is there a course of any kind to keep it more formal/professional, again ideally in the North Dorset area.

    Many thanks,


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    Good reading, here!.
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    Robert Bucknell has a DVD and a couple of books on fox Lamping mate, be well worth a look.

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    Could you get up to the Bath area.


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    Cheers for the replies chaps,

    Martin, Yes Bath is do-able although the south or east would be best as I'd come up along the A36. I've had a email from a guy who is further west down the A303 so hopefully something will come of that but I reckon the more I can get to see the better.



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