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    Hi there,

    I'm looking to get into stalking and deer management. Grew up shooting pheasants and rough shoots in and around the Cotswolds but have been out of the loop due to work over the past 10 years. Now down in S Dorset and looking to get my DSC1 done as soon as feasible, ideally in Fordingbridge when the dates are released?
    FAC sorted, so now time to find a rifle/scope. I think I'm going to go with a .270 as an all purpose rifle although the .308 is still at the back of my mind. And the Tikka T3 has caught my eye as a starter for 10. If anyone has got any advice on where to get a left handed T3 at a good price, (shame we can't get American prices...can we?!!) I would be all ears, the more I can save there the more available for a decent scope.
    Maybe see some of you in the future,

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    Welcome. Im from the Wimborne area.
    Nick Berridge Sharp at is local and a good person to do DSC training with. at Poole or Greenfields/ Sportsman will be the most competitve prices.

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    Cheer Sako,

    Went up to Sportsman Gun Centre and that just confused matters after thinking I had decided on a .270!

    Where to start.....

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    I'd personally go for a 6.5x55 or .30-06.
    Both will do any animal in the UK and not smack the carcase around.
    Stick a good mod on them any both are quite tame.

    If you end up with a .243 then start shooting Sika and big Fallow then you'll always think about buying another calibre.

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