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Thread: Reminded how a cold spell can be a killer

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    Reminded how a cold spell can be a killer

    Now we don't live anywhere near a place where you need to shovel snow off your roof, but we had a power cut at 4.00am this morning, the power company was informed, & by 9.00am they were digging & tracing the blowout, (of which we've had many on this short spur), by 11.00am we were feeling the pinch, & I fired up the chainsaw, cutting up some two year dried matured logs,... I then suffered a cold shower, as I can't abide "A wash" in the sink!,.... this led me to think about our older members of society, it brought home in stark fashion, how easy it is for these people to slide away in the cold dark hours........... now the roasters & pork joint is on the heat, but spare a thought for the old folk, they are the quickest to fold in this cold snap.
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    when the new kitchen was wired, its on its own fuse which also covers the central heating pump, and outdoor socket.
    I can turn the breaker off to the kitchen and plug a genny into the outdoor socket.

    the logburne heats the house, the tv in the kitchen keeps the wife happy,

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    We have the same problem so we installed a wood burner and a back boiler with a multi fueled stve as we have powere cuts regular in the winter
    and years ago all fires had back boilers so when the fire was lite you got hot water

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    When I bought a derelict house it was easy, fitted log burner, hob is propane ,oven is electric, Rayburn is oil and control on Rayburn is fitted to a 13amp plug if the power goes of we unplug the Rayburn and plug it into a generator the only thing we dont have is lights.

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