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Thread: Which rifle hard case?

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    Which rifle hard case?


    I'm looking at rifle hard cases for travelling in the car/pick up. I don't want anything super strong (ie aircraft quality) and really expensive, just looking for something that will do the job of a bit of protection while moving from home to shoot. But, I don't want to buy something online to find out it's a really thin plastic jobby. I've been looking at the HSF for about 50 - any comments?

    Any suggestion would be great.


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    I have this one for sale in the classifieds if you like: For Sale: Gun Guard rifle case

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    It might be worth checking out local music stores, or people who make flight cases for musicians. They might have a flight case that would do your job or if you can find someone who makes them then you could get a custom one made up. Likely to be more money for a custom one but on the other hand you might be able to source a 2nd hand flight case for a guitar or similar that would do your job for not a lot of cash.
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