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Thread: Thanks Paul at Baroney

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    Thanks Paul at Baroney

    Just like to say thanks to Paul Adkins for the great help he gave me on the Baroney DSC 1 course this weekend...I have never enjoyed learning so much new stuff in many years...
    I was totally unconfident when I first got there, in fact, I almost never left the house to go to Baroney.......BUT, once sat down and Paul started the lectures, I totally changed...he helped me with the parts of the course I found difficult to comprehend...especially Deer ID, then later when we got to them... it was Deer season dates...
    BUT, with his great help and assistance, I managed to get them fixed in my head, so much so, I got 20 out of 20 in ID...

    It was a very well run course, and what a place to go do the range work...awesome scenery....

    So, Thanks again Paul, and not forgetting Andrew Treadaway for his help with this old fart who could'nt sit comfortably on the shooting range...

    I was studying with a great bunch of guys, who will probs be here soon to let you know how they got on too..

    Anyone know how to spell Muntjac ??...PMSL...

    BTW, I passed...wooohoooo...still can hardly believe it...

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    Hi Norrie it was a great weekend good to meet you

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    Well done boys , what was Paul's tips for remembering the seasons/dates ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by vizsla View Post
    Well done boys , what was Paul's tips for remembering the seasons/dates ??
    Al to to do with alkies and big girls a lot better than remembering just numbers
    Last edited by Davie_M; 10-03-2013 at 22:35.

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    Hi Davie, It was too wasnt it?? and same here ..Thanks for letting me by on the road...much appreciated mate...had to call the wifes bro to collect her...AND was too late for food, fish supper in the house instead...

    Vizsla, Thanks mate.....Paul gets you to say wee ditty's out loud..LOTS of times.....for the life of me, canny remember them
    now...brain freeze kicked in...

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    In Scotland take the big girls out at 21:15, they drink to much
    roe bucks are a joke
    All big English boys are Alcoholics Anonymous
    Scottish Fallow think they're English so they're pisz heads too
    November to March... November to March....November to March... yeh just say November to March for the English Girls and CWD
    See a muntie, splat a muntie

    The lads will decode the important bits lol

    Well done lads, you were cracking

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    No problem norrie didnt want to hold you up

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    Well done Norrie and davie spoke to you at the e/Kilbride day glad to see you gained level 1 and had a great day down at barony ,now for level 2
    cheers. Tam
    ps Norrie you keep that pump action well oiled lol .

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    Hi Tam.....great to hear from you again....aye, it was a great weekend....good bunch of lads training too..

    Its cleaned every trip.....

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    Hi mate what a great weekend and great group of guys on course. I keep smiling about the muntjac spelling !!!.
    Just recommended Paul and Andrew at Barony to a friend interested in doing there DSC 1 .Cheers Jonathan.

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