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Thread: Rust on outside of breech

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    Rust on outside of breech

    Hi guys,
    what do you recommend for removing rust fron the outside of the breech of my 6.5, tiny bit also on the barrel.

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    copper wool & LOTS of WD40

    if you cannot find copper wool use the finest grade of steel wool....take it gradually

    sometimes even a soaking in oil and rubbing with a rough cloth or a finger nail will shift the rust

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    I would not use WD40.

    Try white spirit and the edge of a two penny piece and gently scrape the rust away whilst it's wet with the white spirit. The dry and oil well with a good oil.

    I used this white spirit technique to remove rust for apoorly cared for ex museum rifle. It took me over 20 hours to clean and kill the rust on it. That rifle was mt DWM Plezier or Boer Special Sporting rifle and it seems came from a Scottish museum that closed. The curators there should have been hung by their private parts for letting them get into such a state.

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    the finest wire wool soaked in oil wont harm the finish


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    The problem with wire wool is that it can leave tiny bits behind in the pitting that will encourage further rusting.

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