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Thread: 6.5x55 120 grain Sierra Prohunters and N160

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    6.5x55 120 grain Sierra Prohunters and N160

    Evening all,

    Having used the search , there are a few topics on this already, but no clear answer that I can see.

    I shoot a Tikka T3 6.5x55SE and am just getting into reloading. I will be using the 120 grain Sierra Prohunters and the N160 powder, but where to start?

    The following is the data I have found from the bullet manufacturer and the powder manufacturer.

    Min Powder Load Max Powder Load
    Sierra Data for 120grain Pro Hunter 41.5 46.6
    Vhitavouri Data 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser for 120 grain HPBT 45.8 50.7
    Vhitavouri Data 6.5x55 SKAN for 120grain bullet 43.8 47.4

    I'm confused where to start as the max load from Sierra is 46.6 (which is the same for the 120 grain HPBT), yet the powder manufacturers data recommends a max load of 50.7 for the same bullet?

    I appreciate that every rifle is different and working up to a safe load checking for pressure signs is the way forward, but would like to be comfortable in both my starting and potential end points.




    found a link to the sierra data online

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    I've been trying to find the answer to this myself for a Sauer 202.....(With a different 120gn bullet) however, I have loaded up to 46.5gn Vit N160 with Fed 210 Match primers in Rem. cases & found 46gn Vit N160 suits the Hornady 120gn AMax bullet.

    The above uses the Vit./Lapua SE/SKAN load data. However from this point I intend to go further toward the 'Swedish Mauser' data listed for Vit N160 propellant, - but carefully as I'm not sure which is the correct data to follow.
    Others seem to use the Swedish Mauser data up to max loads in their commercial rifles.
    Cheers, ATB
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    Just looking at some old data I have when I used N160 for the 120g prohunter I was using 48.5g with CCI 200 primer and getting 2820 fps from my T3, but now use Alliant reloader 22 and barnes TTSX bullets which I much prefer to be honest, but the above load should be safe in any modern action......
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