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Thread: Recommendation? - Devon County Deer

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    Recommendation? - Devon County Deer


    I'm looking to book my first stalk and after trawling the internet came across Devon County Deer. They seem to fit the bill as the price seems good and it is only 5 minutes from my in laws (which is technically a bad thing but not their fault ) so I can tie it in with a visit.
    Anyway, just wondered if anyone here has been out with them and if you would recommend them?
    Also any other recommendations for a first stalk (or second and third) would be gratefully received. I'm in Derbyshire but don't mind travelling.

    Thanks all,

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    Devon county deer is run by Graham P and comes very well recommended.
    He has ground that he knows well and will almost certainly lead you to whichever species you decide to stalk.

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    While I lived in London I spent many wk ends with Graeme and his wife jean and I can highly recommend both jeans great cooking and Graeme's skill as a deer stalker and teacher.

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    for later

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    I successfully carried out 2 of my DSC2 stalks with Graeme(Devon County Deer) on his ground and can personally recommend him. Very experienced stalker.

    Flogging will continue until morale improves

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    Thanks to all those who got in contact with me, hopefully will get my first stalk sorted soon.

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