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Thread: Lamping emergency gun

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    Lamping emergency gun

    After several situations while out lamping when the damn fox has run right up to the truck or is sat on a brow of a bank within shotgun range i have bought a gun just for the job . We do sometimes take a shotgun out , But i dont want to take my english side buy side , Because i dont want to scratch it . And my mates semi auto is just to long to manuvier in the truck . So today i magaged to buy a biakal single shot 12 bore for 20 quid . Gonna cut the barrel down to 24 intches , witch is the legal limit , put a cartridge holder on the side of the stock so i dont have fetal round the truck to find some lead > also was going to put a glow in the dark bead on the frount sight , .. Will put a pick up when im finished .. If anyone has any recomdations let me know .

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    Better make it 24 1/2 inches just to be on the safe side, also no choke may limit the useful range a bit

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    dont think youll get much range with that mate

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    Chap I know got a similar Biakal and fitted a lazer under the barrel - you don't need to shoulder it properly if in the vehicle. He didn't chop it and I think it was full choke when it came.

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srvet View Post
    Better make it 24 1/2 inches just to be on the safe side, also no choke may limit the useful range a bit

    Would say so....... perhaps 15-20 yards with a decent cartridge.
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    Id be keeping the barrel long and cutting the stock down,make it a pistol grip.but hang on tight when you fire it maybe worth putting a red dot scope on it as luck. stuart

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    would a folding stock be legal ?? what is the overall length of a shotgun supposed to be ?

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    I'm pretty sure that the only legal requirement is for the barrel to be a Minimum of 24" so a folding stock is one way to go. I'd look at makes like Mossberg or maybe Hatsan as you may be able to by a cheapo pump and source a folding stock.
    A word of warning would have to be Very muzzle aware with something as short as you seem to be seeking, especially in a vehicle. It's all too easy to point short stuff in the wrong direction. A 12g will remove a large part of you at close range.

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    When we worked the terriers on fox we had a cut down 410 barrel and butt wasnt long at all perfect for poking down holes to dispatch foxys,also if your shooting at shotgun ranges have you considerd a 22 chopped at 16 inches shooting hi vis.if the noise of a shotgun going off doesnt bother you dont bother modding the 22 making it shorter still.worth a thought.

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    had a crack with a mossberg with a pistol grip
    good fun, kicked a bit

    why not get it threaded for a screw in choke if you are worried about range (I wouldn't be personally)
    hefty dose of BB in a plastic wad from a cylinder bore would sort most gingers out at the ranges you are talking

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