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Thread: Venison sausages with lamb fat

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    Venison sausages with lamb fat

    I have recently been trying a few sausage recipes and the following one is delicious, so much so that I sold 40 packets (all the ones I made) in one day last week!

    It basically uses the royal venison sausage mix and recipe from weschenfelder but substitutes the recommended pork belly for lamb skirt.

    Makes the sausages a little bit sweeter and very very tasty.

    The recipe is:

    5lb venison mince
    2.5lb lamb skirt
    0.25lb seasoning
    0.75lb rusk
    1.5lb cold water

    Have a go, delicious

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    I think you should send/deliver free samples of your delicious sausages to your carcass suppliers.

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    Ill give that a try, just ordered seasoning and rusk, but still looking for a cheap mincer that works! any advice on that one! cheers.
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    Initially I used one of these: Moulinex HV8 Mincer ME60514A: Kitchen Home

    But then changed to one of these: The No.8 El Young Electric Mincer 220/50 | Weschenfelder Sausage Making

    Both worked well however the young no.8 is far faster to use. I also use a seperate sausage stuffer, one of these: New Trespade Minnie-Plus Little Demon Rosso Stuffer 2012 | Weschenfelder Sausage Making

    When you buy skins for the sausages, buy the pre-spooled ones, they load much faster and dont rip!

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    David thank you for your advice, not looking to make sausages commercially, I have a freezer full of venison and i'd like to try something different, my budget goes to the Moulinex or Kenwood MG510 and as long as they can mince and stuff sausages, I'll be happy! Do you have a link for the sausage skins you use,

    Kindest regards
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotwild View Post
    my budget goes to the Moulinex or Kenwood MG510 and as long as they can mince and stuff sausages, I'll be happy!
    My GF uses the meat grinder/sausage stuffer on her Kenwood Chef Titanium, which looks identical to the MG510 you mention. However the Chef has a 1400 watt motor, whereas the MG510 is only 450 watts. I suspect it would struggle to be productive. Also it is only single speed.

    The Chef works well, but even with 1400 watts (nearly 2 horspower) its not particularly fast. And the cutting disc can quickly get blocked by sinew if you dont trim the meat carefully.

    With the Chef the motor speed is finely variable, I'd say this is essential until you get the knack, I wouldn't recommend any mincer that doesn't have variable speed, if you intend to stuff the sausages with it too.

    Also don't ever put it in the dishwasher. She did, and the alloy was etched completely into a dirty black colour, it seems to be some sort of zinc alloy. It took me several hours to polish it back.

    That said, we have made plenty of sausages with it, it takes a couple of hours to process a modest amount. Its best done as a two person job, one to control the machine, the other to catch and control the sausages. If you ran the Chef flat-out you would need to be pretty skilled to keep up with it, and not end up with rather odd sausages.

    I get my skins from the local butcher. He has them delivered fresh every Tuesday, ready for his Wednesday sausage session. Usually he gives me them free. A single skin makes a lot of sausage, I keep any leftovers in the fridge in strong brine, they seem to last well.
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    Thanks David,
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    I'm going to have a go at these next week David and by pure chance have already ordered all of the ingredients and skins that you use from weschenfelder,can I ask you how many of the sheep and hog casings respectfully would that amount fill,think it's about 5 meters on each tube if I remember right.

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    I tried this recipe and it is great! Think I used two spools, making fairly chunky sausages.
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