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    Hello all,
    just gone through the fac hurdles and will hopefully have my license in around 2 weeks. iv gone for a 17hmr for my first rifle but iv been shooting on my friends farms (his dad owns 2) in the north wales area for 3 years so have experience of 22 rim-fire and a 22 250. im desperately after a used scope for my 17hmr and have a budget of 250 (could push a bit more) and im totally lost on what to buy. there are so many conflicting reports on scopes its unbelievable for a beginner. i apologize if this thread is not meant to be in this section but im getting very frustrated and don't want first rifle scope to be a disaster. the rifle waiting in the shop for me is a cz 455 America c/w mod,sling,bipod and a really rubbish looking hawke scope.
    any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    oh i will be mainly shooting crows and magpies just in case that makes any difference.

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    Welcome to the site,

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