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Thread: food for thought

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    food for thought

    BBC News - How easy is it to buy a gun in Texas?

    Food for thought.

    No wonder they have a problem...

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    Yep, I could go to a 'gun show,' hang around, and find an individual selling a semi automatic pistol, rifle or shotgun and buy it from them. Fully automatics are basicly illegal to own or sell. If i want a long gun from a dealer, at the gun show or his store, the paper work and background check takes about 10min, a pistol 3 days. capt david

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    Quote Originally Posted by captdavid View Post
    Fully automatics are basicly illegal to own or sell.
    Thats not true .

    You go to a Class 3 dealer and have them get what you want then you apply for the $200 tax stamp to own the thing . The whole process takes about 6-9 months . Same deal with buying a suppressor .

    Now granted a private individual CANNOT sell a fully auto to another person without running it thru a class 3 dealer and the buyer getting a $200 tax stamp .

    And how do I know this bit of trivial info you might ask yourself ?

    At the shop I work out of we have a Class 3 license and are able to buy and sell fully auto firearms as well as buy sell and manufacture suppressors .
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