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    Hi all...

    I'm a member of the Minehead & District Rifle & Pistol club, where I shoot .22 rimfire - just in local competitions so far, although my average score has gone up from 90 to 95 in the last 6 months!

    I've shot air rifles for vermin control for years, and still use an Air Arms S410 for the occasional rabbit or rat, although I'm looking forward to getting a .17HMR for a little more distance, and to use against the local fox population which does a lot of damage at lambing time...

    I have the DSC1 and full BASC membership/insurance; since I've no land of my own, and no permission on anyone else's land as yet (for deer), so far I've had to be content with paid stalking, all of which so far has been with Tom Garner on the Clinton Devon Estate - Hi Tom!

    I'm looking forward to the winter doe cull as for the first time I'll be able to use my own rifle - A Howa Lightning in .308, which I won in the Sporting Rifle this year!

    Hope to pick up some good tips from the more experienced members here, and maybe even find some stalking opportunities...


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    hi pippa welcome to the site
    regards pete .

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    Hi Pippa

    I dont think you are going to be very popular for winning that rifle! There was a thread a while back and people were planning what calibre they were going to have when (not if) they won it!

    Well done!


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    I'll have to search for that thread!

    Hopefully I'll get my hands on it in a few weeks. It's taken ages - it had to coe from the US first, get through customs, and it's currently out being proofed and screwcut. With a bit of luck the Sportsman in Exeter will get it before the end of August, and I can have a moderator (probably a Wildcat) fitted, plus sling, bipod...

    I'm getting a .17HMR, so may swap the Nikko Stirling scope that comes with the Howa onto the .17hmr, and get a better scope for the Howa...

    Had thought to get a CZ for the .17hmr but having hefted one in the shop I don't like the feel of them; bolt action is not smooth, very 'plastic' stock and the mag sits too proud for my liking. I love the action and mag of the Weirauch that Sportsman was pushing, but it seems a little heavy for me so I'm not sure!

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    Hi Pippa and welcome to the site.

    Well done on winning the rifle, it's nice to hear of a winner for a change. !& HMR for foxes, are you sure? If I were in the position of having to get a rimfire for foxes, then it would be 22WMR, better choice of heavier rounds. I would much prefer a 50 gr 22 than a 17 or 22 gr 17HMR, bu that's ju7st me.


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    Hi Pippa, Just a little snippet for you, if your local plod O.K.s your .17 HMR for Fox I'd like to hear from you, I think they may refuse that, although if you could ask a thousand gamekeepers that have passed on they would recommend their .22LR!, I would vouch for them also! though .223 is a real leveller at lambing time. Steve

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    welcome to the site pippa,we have just been down to devon/dorset on are hols for 2 weeks,theres some nice land around east devon where you have been stalking.not seen has many roe about this year but theres lots around when speaking to the locals.

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    HI all, thanks for the welcomes...

    JAYB - the .17hmr is more for rabbits - if I was looking for something specifically for foxes then yes, I would typically go for something a little heavier.

    finnbear270 - yes, my local plod has OK'd the .17hmr for foxes; I specifically checked when the FEO came to do the interview. I'm also cleared to use the .308 for foxes...

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    Well what do you know!, Cheshire firmly refuse .17HMR for fox, another example of the unofficial law makers doing their stuff!

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