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Thread: Storing Deer Blood

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    Storing Deer Blood

    What is the best way to store deer blood for future training trails etc?

    many thanks


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    Just add some salt to the bottle. You can keep it for some time in a fridge. I guess it can also be frozen.


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    yes it can be frozen, i put mine plastic milk bottles.


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    Deer blood

    It freezes really well but check with the wife as i suspect she'll get a bit tetchy when it froths all over the fish fingers!
    If you've got room any plastic containers about 500ml are good, plastic sauce bottles, pasta sauce that type of thing. also put a plastic container under them to prevent spillage...or do as I do and make him have a separate freezer. Especially after my sister opened my freezer and found herself staring into a severed roe's head ..
    They always thought I was weird and that just proved it.

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    If you sieve the blood using a fine grade to get all the fibrin out(this is what causes it to clot) the blood will be nice and thin and will not coagulate so you can use it in a spray bottle without the need for salt or other chemicals.

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    Thank you!!



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    You will only need a wee bit at a time mate so if you can go to the chemist and buy 20-30 urine containers they work good.

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