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Thread: Blaser R93 .22-250 Spare Barrel, Magazine and T8 For Sale

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    Blaser R93 .22-250 Spare Barrel, Magazine and T8 For Sale

    As above,

    I'm having a bit of a change around and I'm selling my R93 standard barrel and magazine in .22-250 to make way for a Twenty.

    I've owned this barrel from new and bought it without sights, had it screwcut at 1/2" UNF and it shoots very well ... as you'd expect.

    Round count is between 415 and 450 home loads (Chrono'd at 3333fps so not a hot load). Some would say it's hardly worn in!

    There's the usual rub mark on the barrel from the T8 bushing and another slight (2mm) bright mark just level with the front of the 'scope.

    Barrel and magazine: 300

    T8 moderator to fit: 1/2" UNF, proofed at 243, still in reasonable condition: 100.

    Face to face only at the moment please.

    Best wishes


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    PM replied to, email sent.

    So "Sold pending payment" at the moment.

    Good stuff,
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