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Thread: CZ452 American 17HMR

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    CZ452 American 17HMR


    As part of my change around I'm selling my CZ452 American 17HMR.

    Owned by me from new and I had Norman Clark do a bit of work on it for me when I bought it....

    Barrel cut to 19" - the optimum for the 17HMR as per the VarmintAl website (;
    Re-crowned and screwcut 1/2" UNF;
    Front of the action bedded and fully floated - lots of 'air' around this barrel - the standard wood stocks on these CZ's have a tendency to 'move' over a year and touch the barrel. No chance with this one.

    Original trigger dressed - nice and crisp.

    Original stock screws replaced with a J&P set - one of their firing pin springs fitted too (Original included...... can't actually remember what's in there at the moment)
    J&P Custom Products, LLC

    3 steel magazines.

    The action and barrel are pristine, there are a few marks on the stock from use.

    I clean my barrels after each outing.

    Having had a look around at these for sale on other forums it seems I'm pricing myself out of the markets. so ......
    300 Face to face but will drop in to your RFD if he's local to me, or RFD to RFD at slight extra cost. Haggle? Waddya mean you don't want to haggle?

    I'm keeping the mod and the scope/mounts but could dig out some Sportsmatch mounts if needs be

    It's a cracking, accurate little rifle but I'm getting a 20 Practical on a Sako A1, so this and the Blaser barrel have to go. This is being replaced by a spare barrel in 17HM2 for my Sako Finnfire - this has a shorter action than the Sako Quad and is too short for the 17HMR round.



    Also advertised on the UKV and the forum
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    New price and will now RFD it.



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    Still available - offers etc considered

    Saturday 23 March: "Sensible" Offers considered... or exchanges..... or whatever......



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