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Thread: Stalking in wet weather:

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    Stalking in wet weather:

    Now l know you lads in Scotland go out stalking in all weather, but what about low-land stalking in wet weather -??

    I'm thinking of digging out the .308 (synth stock) and the winter coat and perhaps going and sitting in the high seat (only 15 mins from home) tonight......but its raining (light not heavy - the stuff taht soaks you through). Now dont get me wrong l've seen them out feeding in the wet in wooded areas - but what about open areas?? I've got some seats near a wildlife belt (100m wide x 2miles long) lots of munties and the odd Roe....

    Whats everyones thoughts? Got about 3/4 hour to decide!


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    Wouldn't bother, wait for a nice summers evening ( if we ever get any)!

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    if the weather breaks go for it even if its only for an hour

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    If it's been raining all day and there's the prospect of the rain ceasing, then go for it. If it looks like the rain is set to carry on until dark, give it a miss.

    Deer seem to get a real pleasure from getting out of their beds when the rain stops, giving a shake and then going to eat. If you are out and ready when the weather breaks it can be a great time to stalk.


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    If i can i would be out there rain or shine..

    Better cold, wet and happy than dry infront of the telly with your ears ringing


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    I was all set to go out this evening as I'd seen a good Buck two days running in one field on my permission & lo & behold the heavens opened lunch time & its not stopped yet, ended up in my local & talked stalking for 2 hours with the local lads who couldn't be bothered as well, bugger going out when its like this.


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    Ya big southern jessie !

    My experience is that they'll continue to lie up until it rains so long or hard thats the rain has soaked through and underneath the tree, then they'll move out.

    If the rain stops and the sun breaks out, immediately move to any good sized clearing. You should find them breaking cover in order to get the sun on their backs and warm/dry off.

    My 2 pennies worth - if its' worth that much

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    my view is i'd stay in but having clients coming had to brave it
    guess what shot more deer in the wet weather then before so maybe you should go for it next time.

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    Deer have to feed at some stage, and if you are there on the spot - you get the chance.

    Like a day on the river - it's the fly on the water that catches the fish.

    Of course, my main experience is on the open hill, but some years when the world has consisted of rain, day after day, you get used to venturing out in it and bringing home the meat.
    The cull has to come in.

    At the end of one such stag season we had a lovely last week, but I found that on setting out into the hill I suddenly felt naked as I had become so used to mist, low cloud and rain.

    Synthetic stock - scope covers - tape the muzzle, slip a bit of waterproof material under the scope to run the rain off the action. (Wet bullets can fly at angles), hap yourself up in all that magic modern gear which has transformed comfort in the wild places, and use the gear as advertised. It can be fun once you get out there.

    (I would gess that your 3/4 hour has long gone). I hope you got something.

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    Sorry to knock your end in but, summer was on a Wednesday this year!

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